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In the middle of a magnificent set of mountain ranges, in the heart of Calanca valley, perched atop of the valley’s breath-taking acropolis, lie the heritage listed castle, cloister  and church of Santa Maria Assunta (c 1253).



Along the entire path of the acropolis, a mesmerizing chain of stunning archaic timber and bronze sculptures by renowned artist Franz Canins.

In the cloister a projection installation by acclaimed international photography artists whose imagery takes us on an impassioned journey.



Calanca’s stunning acropolis is the remainder of glacial activity, a lasting symbol of nature’s hand over millenia.

The panoramic skyline, an embroidery of eclectic and awe-insipiring edifices constructed throughout history, appear to chase each other over time.



Chase time.

Today is a convergence, a little space between yesterday and tomorrow.

Time doesn’t exist. Time overlaps.

We identify it to give order to our perception, to recognize events.

The exhibition of hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking archaic sculptures by Franz Canins roots us in yesterday.

The photographic screen projections launch us into the modern, the post-modern, the sur-modern, a time of changing connections between places and humanity; while the photographic interpreters take us on an evocative journey that overlaps time. Different eyes, different emotions, different interpretations.

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