Alfredo Polti SA is committed to:


Guarantee respect and protection of the environment


The company pays the utmost attention to environmental protection. Through the optimization of extraction processes and a series of targeted interventions, it has significantly reduced its environmental impact in recent years and continues to do so (more information).


Ensuring safety and health protection at work

The safety and health of our employees is of paramount importance, the company is committed to creating favourable working conditions through active measures and expects everyone to recognise and share this enormous value. In 2016, it signed the "Safety Charter", an alliance established by Suva with partners in the professional world to support greater safety at work.


Enhancing the human aspect through staff motivation and involvement


The "secret" of Alfredo Polti SA to retain staff is to be a big family. Any employee's problem is a management problem and solutions are found together. Many employees have been with the company for many years, synonymous with a great spirit of belonging.


Guaranteeing continuity of employment in the region

The company is one of the main employers in the Calanca valley and helps to promote the region through contributions to associations, active collaborations with local authorities, publications and cultural events on its own premises. Last but not least, it favours local companies in the choice of their suppliers.


Providing high quality products and services

The company wants to distinguish itself for the quality of its products and the services offered to its customers. The staff operates in compliance with strict procedural and quality standards and is constantly trained in this regard. In order to guarantee further competitiveness and innovation in the market, in recent years the company has also made important investments in new installations and machinery.

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